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Welcome to the Vista Mar Homeowners site; a resource for owners and their guests.

Vista Mar Condominiums is situated just minutes from downtown Christiansted. Beautiful views of Buck Island and ocean breezes makes this a comfortable place to call home.

Unfortunately it is in distress and homeowners need to come together to address these issues. The past HOA board members failed in their duties to protect the owners at Vista Mar, but now with the addition of 3 new board members, there is hope that the HOA will run like it’s supposed to.

Ideal plan to build reserves and repair Vista Mar for it’s owners in 3 easy steps!

  1. Hire landscaper – COMPLETED
  2. Remove Co-treasurer, Swanson, for negligence and breach of trust – place person that actually knows what their doing in position- COMPLETED
  3. Reduce hours or completely remove contractor/groundskeeper and hire a new one that will actually complete jobs correctly the first time and doesn’t waste our money. -ALMOST COMPLETE

Letters to Owners

Past President Letter Sept 9, 2021 Page 1 Sept 9, 2021 page 2

December 29,2021 Letter to Owners

Common Area

Structural Issues:

Plans for Reconstruction

We are not sure how many owners/tenants will be affected by the construction. The most important thing is that the shoring up of the units is completed by a licensed contractor.

The construction quotes came in.

It’s going to cost +- $300,000.00 to rebuild building 4. That would be an assessment of about $8,000 per unit. The final numbers are not in yet. The new board members (Ms. Tonks is no longer President because she sold her unit and was replaced by Patricia Morris) are working had to find a solution. We tried to get a loan, but our financials are so out of whack and we were denied. The only other option at this point is to put an assessment on all the units.

No one likes assessments, especially those owners that own multiple units. This would not have been necessary had the past board done their job, but we can not as owners allow the progress we have made to stall. If there had been incremental assessments over the years we would not be in this predicament of needing money. This will be an uphill battle because owners are not going to want to or they will not have the money right away. We have to have patience and not penalize owners for past mistakes.

Dorsey (owner)

ceiling jacks and major structural cracks (building 1)

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Association Documents and Meeting Minutes – Letters from HOA Board members

Bob Chaput, President back in 2000 – addressed these issues to everyone, yet the board nor the Treasurer, Barbara Swanson, had the foresight to do her job. 25 years of fiduciary failure all in the name of having cheap HOA dues. We are all paying for it now.

If you look at the accounting, you see that the reserves were never sufficient to cover any updating. At this time we only have $10,000 in the operating account and $50,000 in reserves in case of hurricane or other severe emergency. We do not have windstorm insurance. We hope that with the increase in dues and upcoming assessments we can bring Vista Mar back to where it once was.

patios in disrepair – for years

The new dues will be $350 staring in November 2021.

The next step is to reel in the expenses of our grounds-keeping. We have a groundskeeper/ maintenance person without direction. She is not a licensed contractor nor is she insured. She takes 45% of our dues and never finishes a job. Her past lies and aggression should be cause for dismissal. What board allows a contractor to lie, threaten and divulge private info? And then to find out that the past President used HOA money to pay for a lawyer for the contractor to put a restraining order on an owner. Thank goodness that’s been cut off. The temporary restraining order should have never been placed on an owner by a contractor. Especially since the police were called in by the owner. Poor management.

WATER LEAKS -bldg 1 and bldg 2 Sept 16

There was a burst pipe that had been leaking for a few days. They did not call a plumber and let the water run all night long, flooding underneath building 1, which is where the structural issues are: (around 25 seconds in) This cost the association and extra $1000.

roots are growing into retaining walls and cisterns

Future Projects:

Septics are failing, building 3 is now also collapsing from roof down, the garbage area/bins are sliding down the hill. The streets are in such disrepair its a hazard to walk on due to a hybrid tree that should have been cut years ago.

UPDATE: December 5th – The tree is finally gone. Not by a professional of course, but at least it will hopefully stop growing and causing damage.



Saturday, July 31, 2021 at 2pm (Gertrude’s Restaurant)

Meeting Minutes

UPDATE: 12/10/21 Treasurer Swanson finally stepped down. Although there have been attempts by Ms. Dorsey to return to her position as treasurer and help Vista get their finances in order, she continues to be ignored. Also – the 11th request to receive the financials for owner review has never been acknowledged either. It’s like unless there is a lawyer involved, no one responds. ???

Units for sale

None at this time. (could be unlisted – for sale by owner)

Please email the HOA for more details or check the MLS listings.

disclosure: This website, although initially created for use by the HOA at Vista Mar, was abandoned and kept as an informational site for owners. You can not silence the truth.



Patricia Morris – President – originally VP but when Tonks sold her unit she was moved up to President.

Russel Sinclair – Vice President – originally voted in as co-treasurer at 2021 July

Jeni Jackman (new) – Secretary – voted in July 2021.

Joann Gammon(new) – Co-treasurer – voted in July 2021

Nykole Tyson (new) – Co-treasurer (volunteer Dec 2021)


our common area
common area #2
the office pillar holding up 2nd floor
outside building 1 units
unit 10
unit 10 ripping apart

4000 Vista Mar, St. Croix VI 00820