Vista Mar Condominiums

4000 Vista Mar Christiansted

Welcome to the Vista Mar Homeowners site; a resource for owners and their guests.

Vista Mar Condominiums is situated just minutes from downtown Christiansted. Beautiful views of Buck Island and ocean breezes makes this a comfortable place to call home.

Unfortunately it is in a little distress. As homeowners we need to come together to address these issues.

While waiting for the construction quotes, there are things the HOA can do like clean up of the property, removal concrete debris, throw out the old rusty chairs that’s no one can sit in, fix owners front walkways that are jutting up and a hazard, check filters, clean debris off of rooftops, check well water… to name a few. The helpers that clean up the property need guidance to stop throwing garbage and landscaping over the fence. It is not a personal dumpster for the property… and neither is throwing it in the ravine at the entrance. (a/o 7/12/21 brush has been cut back and garbage cleaned thanks to a tenant that brought it to the HOA’s attention)

We may not have a lot of money, but the idea is to spread out what we have wisely. There are plenty of little projects we could complete while we wait for the estimates. Hiring a true landscaper would be nice as well. Owner’s should not have to hire their own. At this point, if board members are not able to be on site when needed, maybe hiring a property manager would be a good idea. We have a groundskeeper/maintenance person without direction, that for me, wastes our time and money. It’s all a matter of management. A contractor comes in, does the job and leaves. Walking around and trimming hedges, sweeping breezeways and maybe even planting some flowers can make small differences until the major work can be accomplished.

At this time it is unknown how much it will cost to fix the streets, the buildings and update our electricity. This can be scary for owners because of the pending assessments. Since dues have not gone up in 15 years, give or take, it is important that we come together and invest in the property. We do not have enough money in reserves to address any major issues. I am hoping that with this upcoming meeting, we will get a better idea of how much is needed to fix the property.


Saturday, July 31, 2021 at 2pm (location to be determined)

At this time, we need a Treasurer, Secretary and a President. The acting treasurer is not able to perform her duties due to the fact that they do not own a computer nor is able to use any technologies. The Secretary has given her resignation and the President, who has taken over most of the Treasurer duties, has just put her condo up for sale. The only board member left is the Vice President who is off island most of the time. Before we end up not having ANY board members, it is in our best interests to vote for people who have a vested interest in the property and will be there for a few years. As long as we have at least 2 people on island that can check the property, pick up the mail and have the ability to go online, we can have off island board members that can be there for support and decision making.

Annual Meeting Notice

PROXY 2021

Units for sale

There are a few units for sale on the property, including the unit by the pool, which has been converted to a 2 bedroom. This is good news if this is allowed. More information is coming. Due to the square footage and wall placements it’s important to have the right contractors and permits. Hopefully we will have a letter confirming this and maybe even the bylaws updated to reflect this change. Before owners start converting their units, we need to have more clarification on proper building codes, permits, new dues for those 2 bedroom units and a breakdown on what is covered by the HOA. This will help owners increase their property values. Please email the HOA for more details or check the MLS listings.


Association Documents

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Structural Issues:

Plans for Reconstruction

No estimates yet. Building 1 is left to be evaluated. Building 4 drafts have been given to Tang How Construction for quotes. We are not sure how many owners/tenants will be affected by the construction. It is vital that there is a discussion on what the owners of the units affected by the construction will do. After speaking with Tang How, they suggested that they not live there during the process.


our common area
common area #2
common area #2
the office pillar holding up 2nd floor
outside building 1 units
unit 10
unit 10 ripping apart

4000 Vista Mar, St. Croix VI 00820